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Friday, March 18, 2011

System Tool Virus: How to Remove

Have you receive an Email Like This?
FedEx notice and contain an attachment file : federal

Don't Try To open it Cause its a Virus!

                I Just Receive that email Last morning and i thought its an email advertisement 
of fedex without knowing its already a virus. When you try to download and open it. 
Nothing happens but the virus already spread on your computer and a software 
is being installed without your notice and it is System Tools. 

System Tools is a fake anti-virus from the family of Security Tools.After Installation, System Tool will start displaying various alerts and popups trying to scare you into scanning PC and then paying for its full version.

Symptoms i notice are my Online games Such as Special Force, I-date and most of 
the game club games launcher doesn't work anymore.

You Can Fix these virus by removing the system tools.

I will provide links on how you can fix these virus 


Website :

Those links provide a good information on how to get rid  of these virus.

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